Stream anything, and

Your router acts as the brains of your network, redirecting
and assigning data to their proper destinations. To get the
most out of your network you need a router that offers all
the features required for a seamless and scalable network.

Secure Networking

Your network stays safe with Pakedge’s integrated multi-layer security approach. The router plays an important role in this approach with both reactive and proactive technologies, including firewalls, access controls for devices and websites, VPN, DMZ and guest networks. Advanced security is provided through a seperate Unified Threat Management system.

What if you knew the moment something
was wrong with your network?

Actionable Alerts

Intelligent alerts provide immediate notification of problems in the network – directly through e-mail, SMS, or
through the BakPak Cloud App itself. All detected faults are validated through situational-aware AI algorithms to
eliminate false and misleading alerts, and provide accurate usable information to take action on.

What if your network could heal itself?

Detect and Repair

BakPak detects problems on the network and takes proactive steps to both repair them automatically and alert users to issues that cannot be repaired. In addition to basic online/offline detection, BakPak detects IP conflicts, abnormal packet loss, and devices that require STP, quickly alerting users to these problems and allowing users to fully optimize their networks.

Self Healing Intelligence

BakPak is designed as more than a management system – it’s built with advanced artificial intelligence to anticipate your network’s needs and take care of them for you. Device Self-Healing allows BakPak to ping devices on the network, rebooting devices connected to a PoE switch or PDU automatically if they don’t respond – ensuring 100% device uptime.

Troubleshoot and Repair

Built-in troubleshooting tools enable users to work in conjunction with BakPak’s self-healing functionality to automate processes that an integrator would otherwise spend time managing. In case of a network outage, TriPlex runs through a list of steps to attempt to diagnose the issue – giving users invaluable information about where problems are originating on a network and how to begin repairing them.

AV Aesthetics

A truly luxurious home deserves the look and feel of devices designed from the ground-up with class in mind. Elegant design, high-quality materials, and cool blue LEDs give Pakedge Routers a high-end A/V look and feel. Because of this focus on design, Pakedge Routers fit perfectly alongside any A/V equipment in a rack.

Architectural Aesthetics

New Pakedge Access Points derive their sleek and robust looks from industrial design concepts. Clean and lustrous, high-quality polycarbonate housing and internal antennae design creates a look that blends perfectly into any installation. Available in multiple color, antenna arrays, and indoor, outdoor, and in-ceiling models, Pakedge Access Points are ideal for any installation scenario.

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