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Can we install your existing television?
Do we install TV’s above fireplaces?
Can we connect your TV to your network?
Do we sell the products we install?

Yes. Yes. Yes. and Yes.

We love installing televisions at Axent. Nothing changes the look and feel of a room more than a TV that’s been cleanly installed. Thinking of removing that old entertainment center or TV stand? Let’s hide the cable box in a nearby closet. Voila! How’s that for a quick and easy room remodel?


(Seriously) low profile.

Engineered specifically for today’s low-profile flat panel displays, the Razor Tilt Mount sits a slim 0.96” off the wall when fully collapsed. And with plenty of installer-friendly features – like kickstands to prop the TV away from the wall while running wires, and an adjustable safety release ring for fast access to connections – this mount is


When low profile meets no profile.

The all-new VersaMountTM hangs flat panels so flush, it’s no-profile. It’s also equipped with an in-wall box for storing and organizing gear. Best of all, it swings open for one-man servicing.

If VersaMountTM isn’t for you, don’t fret. Our Strong® RAZOR Mounts work seamlessly with VersaBoxTM and VersaBoxTM Pro. They’re super-slim and remove unnecessary bulk. So flat panels look their absolute best, and you can still hide all your gear.

Let’s Talk.

Let’s Stream it.

Break out the popcorn. It’s Friday Movie Night. The best day of the week. We’ll make the experience epic. No need to cross your fingers hoping the movie will play without buffering when we beef up your network.

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