Outdoor Living

There are so many ways to bring technology outside these days. Adding speakers, TV’s, WIFI, to your outdoor kitchen or entertainment area can change the way you live at home. Think of adding a few thousand additional square feet without having to do an addition.

Control your system with the smart phone that’s already residing in your pocket. Work from home? What’s better than sitting on the patio on a spring morning with a cup of coffee?

Rock the house. Then the backyard.

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Extreme Performance in Extreme Conditions.

  • Built for Winter
  • 110° Sound Field
  • In The Ground
  • Mount Anywhere
  • Climb a Tree

Subwoofer in the backyard? Yes, please.

When we take this 62lb beast out of the box “discreet” probably won’t be the first term that comes to mind. But that’s because everything gets buried underground, with only the ported “mushroom” coming up for air. This means we can add a powerful subwoofer to any landscaping without it being visible or taking up precious patio space.

A tale of two televisions.

1. John buys an outdoor Television. (We carry the 2 best manufacturers in the business, Sunbrite and Seura). Our technicians deliver and install it. The TV can take whatever mother nature dishes out. John is happy, he doesn’t have to worry about the TV getting wet or otherwise damaged from being outside by the pool.

2. John’s neighbor buys a new LED television that is designed to be indoors. Johns neighbor also purchases a cover specifically designed for TV’s. When the weather is bad, he keeps it covered. Before winter arrives, Axent Digital technicians remove it and place it in storage until spring. John’s neighbor loves watching the games outside while the steaks are on the grill.

Which one is right for you?

We’ll help you figure it out.

Get connected. Stay connected.

It cannot be overstated. Nearly every electronic device you own connects wirelessly to your network. Your TV, your audio system, the pool, the lights, they all connect to the network wirelessly, and that’s just the backyard!

If you don’t have a reliable network. The hundreds or thousands of dollars you’ve spent is wasted. Your modem, router, and WIFI system are as important to your streaming capabilities as your faucet is to your thirst.

Consumer brand routers are designed for 1000-1500 sq ft. houses. More than that, you’re going to suffer from dead spots. Nobody likes dead spots.

Print, email, login. Rule The World. (from the backyard)