Cutting The Cord

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We are cutting the cord at an amazing pace in America. Tired of the cable companies gouging, nearly 500,000 people cut the cord in the 2nd quarter of 2015, compared with about 140,000 in 2014. So, we think it’s safe to say that it’s not going to end anytime soon. So what’s going on? are people simply not watching TV? Let’s not go crazy.

We’re changing our habits, we understand that there are different ways to watch our favorite shows, or to find our new favorite shows.

Enter NetFlix, Amazon, HULU, HBO, and ESPN. If you have a Smart TV, BluRay player, Apple TV, ROku, Google Chromecsast, or any gaming system like an Xbox or Playstation, these devices are giving us the ability to stream our shows whenever we like.

But things aren’t all peaches and cream in the land of streaming. Unfortunately, at this point you can’t stream broadcast networks through one of the many devices mentioned previously unless you have a cable subscription. Here’s a list of things a potential cord cutter should think about before severing ties with one of the cable giants.

1. You can’t stream broadcast networks from the devices mentioned above without a cable subscription.

2. Sports are a problem. If you’re a MLB or NBA fan you’re not going to be able to watch 90% of the games. The NFL is less of a problem because most of the games are on your local networks.

3. You’ll need to purchase an HDTV antenna. They’re relatively inexpensive, but to do it right, we recommend professional installation.

4. DVR services. There are a number of DVR’s available for the cord cutting family. Our favorite is the TIVO. It has all of the functionality of the newest DVR that your cable company offers.

5. You’ll still need to keep your internet service. We recommend a download speed of at least 30Mbps.

6. You’re still going to have monthly fees. TIVO charges monthly for their service ($12.99). Obviously Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, all charge monthly, they’re approximately $9. per month.

The good news is that you can decrease your TV viewing bill dramatically. Personally, my cable bill went from $180 per month to $32, once I added in the services that I pay for, I’m still saving over $1500 per year.